Professional Bike Fitting

Riders of all levels can benefit from a properly fit bike. Increased comfort and improved biomechanics will increase your body’s tolerance to cycling. This means you can tolerate increased training volume or intensity.
Benefits of proper fit include:
  • Increased comfort and reduced biomechanical stress
  • Increased efficiency of pedaling
  • Increased stability, comfort and control of the bicycle
  • Real time feedback with the use of Computrainer® to improve pedaling technique increases speed with less overall effort 
  • Bike Fitting with Computer Trainer Spinscan®
This is a two hour bike fitting analysis. It includes baseline strength and flexibility assessment along with custom bike fitting. Using the Computrainer® gives a visual graphic of pedaling force and efficiency, to best determine the effects of different fit elements on your performance in real time. This can benefit anyone, from the recreational to the serious cyclist. Fittings can be done for road, triathlon, and cross country style mountain bikes
Cost: $200

Coming in for a fit?

In order for us to make the best use of your bike fitting appointment please help prepare your bike:
  • Remove any extra lights or tool bags that are mounted to the handle bars, seat and or seat tube
  • Be sure your bike is relatively clean
  • Mountain bikes must have a slick rear tire to fit on our trainer (we may be able to provide one, if you phone in advance to make arrangements)
  • Bring/wear cycling attire
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