If you need to verify the date and/or time of an appointment please call our main office at (509) 548-3133.

Physical Therapy First Visit

Our mission is to assure our clients the very best in Physical Therapy care.  Each client will be treated as an individual with their overall wellness and satisfaction as first priorities in everything we do.

To make a first time physical therapy appointment please call our office at (509) 548-3133. Our office staff will assist you with scheduling and selecting an available therapist. Below is important information you should have ready when you call to schedule and/or arrive for your appointment.

What to Bring

We know your time is valuable.  Having the following items ready when you arrive for you first visit will help us get you in to your appointment on time. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to take care of paperwork. Please click on the links below to print the forms on your home printer. 


We accept insurance from multiple companies.

We will bill each patients insurance company on their behalf, but it is ultimately the patient's responsiblity to verify whether the services we provide are covered by their insurance plan. Patients will be billed directly for any services not covered by insrance. In many cases a doctor's referral is required for insurance coverage.

Physical Therapy Returning Patient

Returning patients can schedule an appointment by calling our office at (509) 548-3133. Please be prepared to answer the following questions when you call:

  • Has your insurance coverage changed since we saw you last?
  • Is this appointment for a new or recurring condition?
  • Do you have/need a new doctor's referral?
  • When did we see you last?

If your last appointment was more than 30 days you will need to complete a new screening form. Click-here to download a copy of the form.

Cancellations & No Shows

We ask for 24 hour notice of a cancellation, as we often have people on a waiting list to be seen.  On the 4th and subsequent cancellations you will be charged a $45.00 fee.

You will be allowed ONE no show appointment i.e. missing your appointment without prior notification. Following that, you will be charged $45.00 for a no show appointment. Your insurance company will not pay this. After a total of 3 no shows, we will no longer schedule you. This policy is in effect as a courtesy to our other clients and Mt. Stuart Physical Therapy.

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