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Looking for more info on Cranial Adjustments in Leavenworth WA? Cranial adjusting came about because of the negative impact of traumatic brain injury and concussions causing inflammation. With cranial inflammation, the cranial plates are displaced and fixated due to the structure of the cranial sutures. These sutures are responsible for the motion of the cranial plates, which is approximately 1 to 1/100th of a millimeter every time we breathe. This creates a pressure gradient within the skull and spinal canal. These, along with the sacrum, create the pumping system of the cerebral spinal fluid.

How a Leavenworth WA Chiropractor can help

The cerebral spinal fluid is responsible for moving toxins away from the brain and allows normal function. When a cranial plate is fixated, an eddy is created beneath the fixated plate and the toxins build up, causing the brain in that area to become sick. (You can relate this to an eddy in a river where the trash that comes down the river collects in the eddy.) As that area of the brain gets sick, there are manifestations generated such as a headache, sinus problems, dizziness, nausea, dyslexia, earaches, and depression/anxiety.

Adjusting the cranial plates is a practiced skill wherein the Chiropractor figures out which way the plate is subluxated, then the cranial plate is put back into proper motion.


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