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Physical Therapy Leavenworth WA Fitness House

Periodization of Training

PERIODIZATION OF TRAINING in Leavenworth Our Leavenworth physical therapists will show you how to build your own personal fitness house – Part 1 BASE FITNESS. Training and exercise are the tools of our trade here at Mt Stuart PT and at Balance Point Health and Fitness. In both facilities, you will find health professionals preaching…

Physical Therapy Leavenworth WA Running Shoe Types

Running Shoe Types: An Attempt to De-Mystify

RUNNING SHOE TYPES: AN ATTEMPT TO DE-MYSTIFY in Leavenworth Boom! Boom! Boom! No, this is not the sound of Snoqualmie avalanche control, it’s the sound your legs would make if they could talk (or scream!) during a run. Studies have found that the energy transmitted from impact during running can be up to 8X bodyweight!…

Physical Therapy Leavenworth WA Simple Steps

Simple Steps for a Healthy Mind and Body

Simple Steps for a healthy mind and body in Leavenworth So it is now Spring. The winter holidays have passed, New Year’s Resolutions possibly have come and gone, and the days are getting longer. It is now time to dive into really doing some positive actions for our hearts and minds. Your Leavenworth physical therapists…

Physical Therapy Leavenworth WA Proper Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting in Leavenworth This is the time of year when we feel the warmth of the sun and see the street sweepers clearing the roads of winter debris. It is also the time when we start thinking of getting our bike off of the trainer and onto the roads. Whether you’ve been riding inside…

Physical Therapy Leavenworth WA High Intensity Training

High Intensity Training

HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING in Leavenworth TIME TO BRING OUT THE ATHLETE IN YOU: THE DAY TO DAY BENEFITS OF INTERVAL TRAINING IN LEAVENWORTH Recently there has been more research trying to delineate the overall benefits of HIGH-INTENSITY TRAINING or “INTERVAL TRAINING”. While this type of training has long been utilized to improve athletic performance, there…

Physical Therapy Leavenworth WA Achilles

Achilles Tendon Injury

ACHILLES TENDON INJURY in Leavenworth Your Leavenworth physical therapist can help. Contact us today to find out how we can get you the help you need. “HEEL THYSELF” in Leavenworth Achilles, son of Peleus and Thetis, was the mightiest of Greek warriors and hero of Homer’s Trojan War. In an attempt to make Achilles impervious…


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